Industrial Concrete Coating Solutions For The Home

Garage Floor

Garage Floors

Your garage floor is one of the floors in our home that seems to show wear and tear the quickest. This is why our garage floors sometimes look old, cracked, or well used before their time. This can greatly reduce your homes beauty, value and area functionality. Let us make your garage floor into a work of art and make it look awesome! We can give it a beautiful, new look in just one day! The appearance of your new garage floor will be stunning and extremely durable.  At The One Day Floor, our garage coating systems are  Industrial Concrete Coatings which are Formulated to withstand constant traffic, heavy loads, frequent impacts, and dramatic temperature fluctuations. Our  one-day garage floor coating solutions can give  your garage an awesome appearance that is guaranteed for 15yrs, at a price that is affordable.

Driveways and Sidewalks

Your driveway take a lot of abuse—from the sun,  cars, trucks, and SUVs driving over the surface day after day, lawn care chemicals and even watering the lawn here in Florida. A driveway coating from The One Day Floor Concrete Coatings not only make your driveway look awesome, but it can also prevent damage, staining and wear and tear from the elements year-round. Our concrete coating system makes your driveway last longer and look awesome even with heavy use. Everyone of our installers go through comprehensive certification training, to insure that the concrete coating or driveway repair system will be properly applied to your driveway. Plus, our superior  industrial strength products are fully backed by a 15-year warranty!  Give us an opportunity to discuss all of our Driveway coating or driveway repair options. Let us make your driveway durable and beautiful at an affordable price!
Driveway Repair
Patio Flooring

Patios and Porches

The outside your property is what your neighbors see the most. Wither its a backyard barbecue, having a party or just relaxing with a good book, we can make your concrete into the talk of the town!  Our Industrial grade Polyurea patio floor coating can protect your patio from harsh weather, UV rays, and frequent foot traffic. The One Day Floor systems offer a comprehensive selection of customizable floor coating products designed for durability, longevity and safety so that you enjoy your outdoor living spaces for years to come. With a multitude of color choices, you can choose a color that will accentuate your homes beauty and value. Our experienced team can install our Industrial Concrete Coating in just one day, in most cases!  Let us help you make the perfect choice to enhance your outdoor patio or pool deck —at a price that won’t break the bank!

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